Affiliate Marketing For Beginners! Learn How to Make Cash Online?

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Affiliate marketingAre you interested to make money online?

I am sure you are. That’s why you are here.

It is true that everyone wants to earn money.

To be honest, I also want to earn money. That’s why I started affiliate marketing.

If you are also searching for an easy way to earn money I would say you can stop now.

In this post, I will teach you all the things that are required to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing: In simplified language

Affiliate marketing!!

Seems like other complex marketing strategies.

But it is the simplest marketing strategy to make money online by promoting products.

Sounds exciting.

Let’s Dive in.

In Affiliate marketing, you will get rewarded for increasing sales of the companies. You have to refer products to the people. If someone buys products through your referral link you get a commission. That’s it.

Different type of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is classified as:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Pay Per Sale (PPS)
  • Pay Per Lead (PPL)
  • Single-Tier/Two-Tier

Pay per click:

In Pay Per Click marketing you will get paid if someone clicks on merchants banner and links.

Merchants will place their banners and links on your site. And you will earn a small amount of money by referring visitors to merchants site.

Pay Per Sale:

In Pay Per Sale affiliate marketing you get paid for sale made by your referred visitors.

Normally you get 10%- 60% of the sale generated. Your commission can vary from $1- $1000+ according to the price of the products.

Pay Per Lead:

In Pay Per Lead you will get paid when a visitor completes a specific action. It can be filling up a form and it can sign up for their program.

P.P.L marketing will also pay the small amount of commission usually $0.2- $5 per lead.


In Single Tier marketing, you will get paid for sale generated by you.

But in Two-Tier marketing, you also get the commission for sale generated by sub-affiliates.

Two-tier affiliate marketing is beneficial as you can make money in autopilot mode.

In Two-Tier affiliate marketing, you get 10%-20% on each sale made by your referred affiliate.

Important terms related to affiliate marketing:


An affiliate can be a person/Organization like you and me who will promote products.


A person and organization who have a business and will pay us for referring the new customer.

Affiliate Network:

Affiliate network provides a common place for affiliate and advertiser.

Affiliate can sign up for an affiliate account and Advertiser for advertiser/merchants account.

Due to large audience base Affiliate Network is beneficial for both Advertiser and Affiliate.

Click Through Rate:

CTR is the percentage of click on the number of the impressions displayed.

Conversion Rate:

Percentage of click converted to sale/lead.


CPA Stands for Cost Per Action. That means you will get paid for completing the specific action. It can be a sale, sign up, and filling a form.


CPC aka Cost per Click means how much you will get paid for one click on the ad.

Affiliate Link:

A special tracking link provided to you for tracking the sale.

Affiliate Manager:

A person who communicates with you and help you to increase your earnings.

Landing Page:

A special page optimized for increasing sales and you have to refer traffic to that page.

Secret To How does affiliate marketing work?

I hope you got some idea of “what is affiliate marketing?”.

But there are many questions that might be arising in your mind.


How does affiliate marketing work?

How can we get started?

You don’t need to worry. I will tell you everything.

The concept behind affiliate marketing is dead simple.

  1. The visitors visit your Site
  2. They click on Affiliate links
  3. They Land on Merchants Sites
  4. They buy a product
  5. You got Commission

Are you worried How will company track the sale?

On signing up for an affiliate program you get a unique tracking id which is added to all your affiliate link.

And with the help of that tracking Id company will identify sale generated by you.

And the best part is:

If someone clicks on your affiliate links cookie get stored in their browser.

You will get the commission until the cookie is stored.

And most of the affiliate program has cookie expiration of 60 days. It means if he decided to buy within 60 days you still get the commission.[/su_note]

Steps to Start affiliate marketing from Scratch:

Ready to earn money online?

Here are the basic steps you need to follow to start affiliate marketing:

1. Find an affiliate program
2. Sign up for their Affiliate Program
3. Promote their products
4. Get commission on generating the sale

Seems easy! Hang on.

Have you ever thought:

How will you promote products?

Why will people buy products through your referrals?

You need to read this:

You can start a blog and write reviews of products. That will help to generate affiliate sale.

And most of the affiliate networks will ask for the blog. So you still need a blog.

So here are steps to start Affiliate marketing successfully:

Step 1. Find your Niche:

Niche? Sounds odd.

I even don’t know how to pronounce it properly. But it’s very important to select right niche.

Niche will decide what you gonna write and promote.

So here is what I understood from niche term:

Niche refers the specific topic/field about which you have interest and you are going to write posts.

Means topic which interests you and you will write the post.

Now the point is:

How will you identify and select your blogging niche?

That’s simple, Pick the topics about which you are interested.

Like me,

Since from childhood, I had a zeal to start my own website make money online. Now I am killing two birds with one stone.

So you have to identify your passion first.

If you are passionate about technology start a tech blog. If you are Health Freak start a health blog.

It doesn’t matter how many people are also doing the same thing. The only thing that matter is following your heart and passion. And thank me later.

Why passion matters important while selecting niche?

Let me tell you the truth:

If you are a newbie you have to work hard. You have to learn new things and put in place.

Sometimes you may feel to quit especially when you don’t get the results.

At that time only your passion will keep you motivated.

If a person like me can earn money through affiliate marketing you also can.

I think I have motivated you a lot. Let’s move ahead.

Step 2. Start a Blog/Website:

As I have already told you,

Companies ask your blog address before approving your request for being an affiliate.

So after selecting the niche, your next step will be to start a blog.

You can start with a free blog but I recommend to start a professional blog.

For starting a professional blog you need :

  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting
  3. Content Management System (CMS)

My Recommendations:

 Domain Name:

  • Godaddy
  • Namecheap
  • 1&1 Hosting

WordPress Hosting:

  • Siteground
  • Bluehost (Free Domain)
  • Hostgator

Step 3. Create Content:

Like other Pro Bloggers, I will say the same thing:

Content is king.

Your content will decide your fate.

If you write valuable and helpful content you will get rewarded.

You need write content that solves people problems.

Remember one thing,

If you solve their problems they will solve yours.

Oh! I forget to tell you the important point.

Write in-depth content people love to share the thorough content.Affiliate marketing                                         Image source: SerpIQ

Search engines also show some love to thorough content. In-depth get higher rankings in Search Engines.

Step 4. Find Affiliates Products/Programs:

Do you know the secret of success in affiliate marketing?

Is it traffic?

No, it’s not traffic.

It’s about promoting the right product in front of the right audience.

Most of the affiliate marketers fail because of this silly mistake.They select the products with which they are not familiar.

That never works.

You have to understand your readers and their needs. And suggest products according to their needs and budget.

Are you thinking how to find affiliate program?

Here is the solution.

You just need to search :

Company Name + Affiliate Program

Product Name + Affiliate ProgramAffiliate marketing

Step 5. Join Affiliate Program:

Once you find a right affiliate program your next step will be to join the affiliate program.

Affiliate Sign up process is normal as other signup processes.


In some cases, you need a Tax Id and Paypal Account.

Some companies also accept Check and Wire transfer but Tax id is compulsory.

So I recommend you keep your all the documents ready.

Step 6. Work on SEO:

Are you struggling to get your first Affiliate sale?

Do you want to increase your affiliate Sale?

I will give you only one advice: Work on SEO.

Organic traffic is the one of the most converting traffic.

Since organic traffic is highly targeted so chances of conversion also increase.

So just not focus on increasing traffic. Focus on relevant and targeted traffic.

And one more Pro tip 

Write articles that has buyer intent. You have to focus on keywords that people search just before making a purchase.


  • Cheapest [product name] (online)
  • Cheapest price for [product name]
  • Coupon code for [product name]
  • Coupon for [product name]
  • Review [Product Name]
  • Best [Product] under {Amount]

Step 7. Promote your Content:

Want to earn some extra money through affiliate marketing?

If yes, then start sharing your content from the first day.

Nowadays most of the people use Social media. You can get the huge amount of traffic through social media and QNA sites.

And thousands of people made a purchase just after seeing an offer over social media.

You can use social media to drive traffic and can also increase earning.

Step 8. Build Trust:

Building trust is very important in online the field. But building Trust is not an easy task.

Why would people look for your advice?

Ony if they trust you.

If you readers don’t trust you they never gonna visits your site again. And you should forget about the sales.

For building trust you need to be:

  • Honest with you readers
  • Promote quality products
  • Not just think your profit
  • Provide value for money
  • Always help your readers

7 Precious Tips To Help You To  Get Affiliate Sales:

I remember the day when I got my first affiliate sale. I was feeling like the top of the world.

But for that, I have to wait for 6 months.

So I don’t want you to wait for that much time.

Here are few tactics to get your first affiliate sale:

  • Add your Affiliate links to Footers
  • Add banners and links on Sidebar
  • Add banners and links to popular posts
  • Write Reviews (People love to check Reviews before Purchasing)
  • Share Coupons and Discount codes
  • Make use of Email List
  • Create Tools and Resources Page

5 Doubts About Affiliate Marketing You Should Clarify:

Below are the most burning doubts every Beginner have:

Do I need to spend money To start affiliate marketing?

You can start with free but free methods took time. If you want faster results you have to spend some money. Your first step will be to start your blog. You can start with Siteground @3.95/month.

Does Affiliate programs charge money?

No. Most of the affiliate programs are free to join. You can join Shareasale, Commision Junction and many more.

What is required to start affiliate marketing?

You simply need a blog, Bank account, PayPal and Tax ID (PAN in India).

How many affiliate programs we can join?

There is no Limit. You can join as much you want.

Do I need a separate website/blogs for different affiliate programs?

No. You can promote different products on a single blog.

Now Its your Turn:

I hope you got clear of What is Affiliate marketing and how it works. I have covered most of the important things.

If you want to earn money online through affiliate marketing you need to take step now. You can make a start by starting your own blog.

If you found it helpful smash the share button and  for any query/suggestion drop a comment below.

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