8 Best AI Story Generators Tools For Creating Storylines

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Do you have a hard time coming up with story ideas?

If so, I’ve got some great news for you! There are AI story generators that can help you come up with new and exciting stories.

You don’t need to be a writer or even creative to use these tools. They will do all the work for you! All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse and voila, instant inspiration.

These tools will save you hours of frustration and give your imagination an extra boost when it needs it most.

Whether you want to write fiction or non-fiction, there is something here for everyone! So let me show you how easy it is to get started today…

Check out our list of best AI story generators!

What is AI Story Generator?

AI story writer is software that uses artificial intelligence to generate stories. Content is king and you need hours to research and write a post/story.

Writing has never been easier. But AI is helping writers and digital marketers to move forward with work at a rapid pace.

Just input your story idea and the software will generate a story. Some AI writing tools also offer automatic editing and proofreading.

You don’t have to use tools like Grammarly to check spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You would also get plagiarism-free content.

All the AI story generator uses the third-generation language prediction technology of the GPT-n series originally created by OpenAI.

This Ai model is trained with thousand GB of information around the web as the source data.

The algorithm scan thousands of pre-written stories. Then it tries to understand the story theme based on the input and generate sentences.

Freshly created sentences replace a few phrases and add synonymies. Sometimes the output seems bot-generated and nonsensical.

Rather than story writing, this AI software can be used for creating:

  • blog posts
  • website content
  • social media posts
  • landing page copies, etc.

AI story generators save a significant amount of time. It might take several hours to write a 2000 word story and a few minutes to proofreading, edit, etc.

Using this tool you can generate creative stories and plots in less than 5 minutes. These tools can generate stories in any niche and the possibilities are endless.

List of Best AI Story Generators

There are many tools for creating stories using AI technology. But most of the tools ended with imitated capacity and generate random sentences.

So we have done extensive research and come up with the below list of the best AI story generators.

So let’s check them in detail.

1. Jasper.ai

Best AI story Generators

Jasper.ai is the most popular AI story-writing tool. More than 50K content marketers, companies, and influencers are using this amazing software for generating original content.

It has thousands of 5-star reviews on the Trustpilot website. This tool comes with 50 industry-standard templates for different writings.

You can use this tool to write:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Product descriptions
  • Websites content
  • Stories
  • Books
  • High converting ad copy
  • Personal bio
  • Landing pages & Sales funnel copy
  • Quora answers
  • Catchy emails and more.

To fix your grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, Jasper.ai has built-in Grammarly support.

Language should not be a fence in your story. Jasper.ai supports 25+ languages and dialects. The team regularly make improvement and add new features to improve Jasper’s quality content output.

There is an advanced feature called BossMode. This feature activates the full power of Jasper allowing you to write 5x faster content in a fraction of the time. It will help you to generate SEO-optimized posts and drive thousands of organic traffic.

Jasper.ai Pricing

Jasper comes with two pricing plans, Starter and Boss Mode. The Starter plan costs $29 per month with 20,000-word generation credits. The Boss Mode costs $59 per month and provides access to all the features.

2. Rytr

Rytr Best AI Story Generators

Rytr is a great AI writing assistant that automatically generates content for you. The company claims to have more than 700K happy copywriters, digital marketers, and businesses using this tool.

Many software review sites are flooded with positive reviews.

This writing software is based on the latest version of language processing models called the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) technology.

The minimalistic interface allows users to navigate easily without the learning process. There are 30 use cases to choose from according to your writing style.

Rytr supports 30 languages so that you can create stories in your native language.

Want to express your emotions? This tool offers 20 tones for expressing a variety of emotions including humorous, passionate, casual, exciting, formal, convincing, humble, etc.

You would get Rytr’s browser extension in the Chrome web store. It works on Gmail, Facebook, or WordPress, which helps you create high-quality content and save time.

If you want to write SEO-optimized stories then the SEO analyzer feature will help you to add keywords. The built-in plagiarism checker automatically scans the web and eliminates copied content.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr offers a free plan that generates 5000 characters per month. Expect that, 2 paid plans are there for serious users. The Saver plan costs $9 per month and you would get 2 months free on yearly subscriptions.

3. AI-Writer

AI Writer Best AI Story Generators

AI-writer is an amazing tool for use for various write-up tasks. It comes with an impressive user interface and easy-to-use features.

If you want to generate quality content in a few minutes then this AI-backed tool is useful.

This is a robust tool for any user who needs help writing copy or content. Never start unique articles from scratch and spend hours making them perfect.

AI-writer generates unique stories from the headline. This tool mainly focuses on long-form of content. The technology used in this software is Open AI and GTP-3, like most other tools.

This tool generates accurate content with a list of citations and sources.

You don’t have to worry about the plagiarism issue. AI writer automatically generates unique and quality content. If you want to focus on SEO, then this tool generates keyword-optimized posts.

AI-Writer Pricing

AI-writer’s plan starts from $29 per month. You can create up to 40 articles per month with API access. If you want to test AI-writer before purchase then a 1-week free trial is available.

4. Copy.ai

Copy ai Best AI Story Generators

Copy.ai is an AI copywriting tool that writes content faster. It can be the best software for digital marketers and businesses who want to speed up the writing process.

There are over 60 templates to choose from. You can create high-quality content including:

  • Digital ad copy
  • Stories
  • Product descriptions
  • Website content
  • Blog content
  • Social media posts, and sales copy.

This copywriting software helps you to write stories in any genre like drama, fable, fairy tale,  fantasy, fiction, etc.

Copy.ai helps you to break through writer’s block and produce high-quality content.

This platform supports 20+ languages including Chinese, Portuguese, European languages, Brazilian, and much more. All the content produced by this tool passes plagiarism checks.

Copy.ai Pricing

Copy.ai offers a free plan with 10 credits per month. Paid plan costs $35 per month with unlimited projects and priority support.

They have a YouTube channel publishing step-by-step tutorials for creating each type of copy that you need. Copy.ai Chrome extension is available for better workflow on Google docs.

5. ContentBot

Contentbot ai Best AI Story Generators

Want to write full articles or stories quickly? Then use ContentBot which helps you with copywriting. Content marketing is important for effective traffic sources and growing your online business.

ContentBot helps you with different types of copywriting works. It can be a perfect weapon for bloggers and authors who want to get out of writer’s block.

You have to enter the story topic and each sub-heading as sections. You can also add the word limit that you want the AI writing software to generate for each section.

This content generation software is getting improvements and updates to improve the output content quality.

ContentBot has a built-in feature for checking plagiarism. You would get a Reading Easy Score and a Uniqueness score with each generated content.

Sentence rewriter allows you to generate alternative sentences for your existing content.

ContentBot offers a wide variety of tools (35+) for different purposes. The team consistently adds new features to make your life easier.

All the output content is free of plagiarism and any kind of grammatical error. Just enter the necessary details and hit the Generate Content button.

Contentbot Pricing

ContentBot offers 3 plans and it starts from $29 per month. Using this plan you can generate 40K words per month.

The pay-as-you-go feature costs $1 per 1000 words generation.

Live chat support is available and you can access it from the main dashboard. You can join the official Facebook page and start discussions.

6. Zyro AI Content Generator

Zyro Best AI Story Generators

Zyro is another best AI story generators to speed up your writing. This AI tool is created by the popular hosting company Hostinger.

This software helps you to generate compelling and high-quality content quickly.

It is not just an AI content generator. You can build a whole website using the drag-and-drop editor of Zyro

Post your stories on the website and grab organic traffic. Some other AI tools that come with the Zyro package are the AI slogan generator, AI heat map generator, AI image upscaler, etc.

This platform is very clean and intuitive to use.

You can add keywords to generate perfectly optimized posts. All the text generated by this tool follows the best copywriting and SEO practices.

Just click a button to generate quality content instantly. This copywriting software helps you to write stories in any genre like drama, horror, fable, comedy, fantasy, mystery, fiction, etc.

In the world of digital advertising, where speed is everything, this AI-powered tool can be time-saving. Choose a category and the software will automatically generate content around that.

Zyro works well for website content and product descriptions.

Zyro Pricing

Zyro premium plan starts from $2.90 per month with annual billing. You would get access to a bunch of tools for different purposes.

The pricing seems affordable with the basket of tools. The AI content generator will be included inside it. They offer a free domain with each plan. The live chat support team is always available to help you.

7. Writesonic

Writesonic Best AI Story Generators

Writesonic is one of the best tools for content marketers and businesses. This software uses AI technology to generate unique content quickly.

G2 and Capterra contain thousands of positive reviews as Writesonic has simplified thousands of users’ life.

You can generate marketing copy, social media posts, articles, stories, website content, product descriptions, etc.

Writesonice creates high-quality and unique content almost every time that passes different plagiarism tests. This tool supports 25 languages so that you can write in your comfort.

Add the story heading, example paragraph, and keywords. The AI story writer tool takes less than 20 seconds to generate high-quality content.

If you are not satisfied with the generated content, then click the Write an Article Again to flip it.

All text generated by this AI story generator has been optimized for search engines.

WriteSonic Pricing

Writesonic offers a free plan with 10 credits. Paid plan starts from $15 per month with access to all the features.

8. Copysmith

Copysmith Best AI Story Generators

Copysmith is a very impressive story-writing software. Thousands of copywriters, marketers, businesses and story writers are using this AI writing tool regularly.

The user interface is very intuitive with impressive navigations.

This tool helps you to write:

  • Website copy
  • High-converting ads
  • Articles
  • Emails
  • Stories
  • Product descriptions

Whether you are writing fiction or romantic story, Copysmith helps you to complete the task quickly.

You would get many pre-written templates to quickly start your copywriting process. You have to put some basic information like title, keywords, and quick descriptions. The AI system will analyze them and transform them into a story.

Copysmith Pricing

Copysmith offers 4 plans including a custom one. The Starter plan starts from $19 per month. This tool is constantly being updated and added with new features to improve your experience. You can use its Google Chrome extension for more flexibility.


So these are some of the best AI story generators you can use. Creating an appealing marketing copy or in-depth blog post is not an easy task.

This is why an excellent copywriting article costs thousands of dollars. To be honest, automated AI tools never write better than a human writer. Use one of the tools to quicken your story-writing process.

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