5 Best Webinar Recording Softwares 2021 [Free & Paid]

best webinar recording softwares

The world is going towards a digital lifestyle. The global pandemic also forces us to stay at home and operate the business online. Many businesses are hosting webinars to achieve various goals. From a business standpoint, webinars are very important. A webinar is a web-based video live conference meeting that uses the internet medium to connect with individuals or groups of viewers. You should record a webinar for future uses. Many webinar platforms come with … Read More

6 Best WordPress Hosting Free Trials (Without Credit Card)

WordPress Hosting Free Trial

Most WordPress hosting companies charge a huge upfront fee for hosting your site. Somewhat surprising is that sometimes you end up not getting what you expect. The last resort is to request a refund. However, requesting a refund is not as easy as it appears on the web hosting provider’s site. You’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to deal with this process. The WordPress hosting free trial is the way to go … Read More

Doodly vs VideoScribe 2021: Who is the Clear Winner?

Doodly Vs Videoscribe

Videos are everywhere and you can feel the presence. Video can be categorized in many different forms and also a variety of ways to connect with your target audience. In today‚Äôs world, one of the most popular ways of marketing is storytelling through animation. Animated videos are a very attractive and effective way of marketing. Because animation video production has become more affordable. When it comes to animation video making Doodly and VideoScribe are the … Read More

17 Best Landing Page Builder Software 2021 (Get Higher ROI)

Best landing page builders

Nowadays online businesses are growing like never before. Traffic and conversions are the two main goals of any digital marketer or business. This is where the landing page builder comes into play. Back in the day, people use Facebook or Google Ads to send traffic to a particular page. But the problem is, you can’t provide a personalized user experience to everyone. Luckily landing pages are there and you can create different pages for different … Read More