UnBounce Coupon Codes 2021 [21% Off + 14 Days Free Trial]

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Are you looking for an Unbounce coupon code or special deal link to get the highest discount on the Unbounce landing page builder? 

If the response is yes, you can stop your search instantly. Below are the 100% working Unbounce promo links and coupon codes that can help you to save up to 21%.

Unbounce Coupon & Discount Details

You can use this extraordinary deal from the button below. The discount will be applied automatically upon clicking.

UnBounce Coupon Code: Get 20% Off For 3 Months On Monthly Plan

UnBounce Coupon Code: Get 20% Off For 3 Months On Monthly Plan

Get 20% discount on monthly plans of Unbounce subscriptions for 3 starting months.
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    Unbounce Coupon Code: 21% Off On Annual Plan

    Unbounce Coupon Code: 21% Off On Annual Plan

    Get a flat 20% discount on the Unbounce annual plan. With the annual plan, you can save up o $1200.
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    UnBounce Coupon Code: Get 14 Days Free Trial

    UnBounce Coupon Code: Get 14 Days Free Trial

    Get 14 Days Free Trial On Unbounce's Essential and Premium Plan.
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  • How To Claim Unbounce Coupon?

    To claim the Unbounce discount follow these steps:

    1. To activate the Unbounce Coupon visit this special link. And it will redirect you to a landing page with 20% discounts on all Unbounce plans.

    2. Now Choose you to plan according to your requirements. All Plans came up with 14 day free trial period.

    unbounce coupon

    3. Now fill up your billing information.

    4. And at last, you will get an Email Confirmation.

    Now you have successfully claimed the Unbounce discount.

    What is Unbounce?

    unbounce coupon codes

    Unbounce is a drag and drops landing page builder that allows you to create highly converting landing pages on the cloud. Not just building pages, you can also use Unbounce to build Popups, Sticky bars that will help you to achieve higher conversion rates.

    Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders in the market that allows you to create tonnes of custom landing pages within minutes.

    Unbounce helps marketers to launch campaigns quickly & efficiently and boost conversion rates. In place of hiring developers to build landing pages for several campaigns, you can use the Unbounce landing page builder and save loads of cash.

    Whether you are creating a landing page for your Business Website or for a PPC Advertisement, you can create a highly converting landing within minutes.

    Unbounce also offers 100+ highly converting landing page templates that you can import easily or can design ideas from there.

    Unbounce provides landing page templates for Ecommerce, SaaS, Real Estates, Travel, Education, Fashion, Mobile Apps, Restaurant, etc.

    Features of Unbounce Landing Page Builder

    Unbounce is a featured-packed landing page builder that will allow you to create highly convertible, customized, and faster loading landing pages. Below are a few promising features:

    1. Drag & Drop Page Builder

    Unbounce page builder gave full flexibility to build your pages. You can simply add & remove Elements, Pop-ups, sticky Bars, Lightboxes, Embedded Videos. You can also add custom HTML Codes to your pages.

    2. Clone Pages, Copy & Paste Between Pages

    To save your precious time Unbounce offers features like clone pages & Copy Paste between pages. A clone feature could be beneficial for running PPC campaigns. You can simply copy your winning landing page design and made the necessary changes.

    Copy & Paste between Pages allows you to copy elements from one page to another page.

    3. Add Custom Scripts & Pixels

    Adding custom scripts and pixel codes to a landing page could be a time-consuming task. But that’s not the case with Unbounce, you can add scripts with few clicks. Unbounce allows adding custom JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to any page.

    4. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    You can deny that fast-loading pages convert better. Unbounce allows you to create AMP pages for mobile users and these pages load 85% faster than the regular one.

    5. Publish To Your Domain

    Landing pages created on the Unbounce Platform can be published on your own custom domain and on URL too.

    6. Publish To WordPress

    With 1-Click you can publish landing pages, Pop-Ups, & Sticky bars to your WordPress website. There is no need to Change DNS and CName records. Just Install the Unbounce plugin and publish content on your WordPress site.

    7. Auto Image Optimizer

    No need to Compress images individually or purchasing any external service to Compress Images. Unbounce has inbuilt functionality to optimize Images.

    8. A/B Testing

    You created different variations of the landing page and want to know which one performs better? You can figure it out with the A/B Testing feature. With the Unbounce A/B testing feature you can optimize your pages for better conversions.

    Note: A/B Testing features are not available with the Launch Plan. You need to go with Optimize and a higher plan if you want to use the A/B Testing feature.

    9. Dynamic Text Replacement

    This feature can help you boost conversions. Dynamic Text Replacement feature can automatically replace the landing page text (headline) according to the search terms of page visitors.

    10. Lead Generation Form Builder

    With Unbounce Form builder you can create custom forms for your landing pages and embed them anywhere on your page. You can use features like checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-downs, and hidden fields on your forms.

    Other Form builder providers charge a hefty amount of money for similar functionalities. So this feature will help you capture more leads and save money too.

    11. Custom Form Redirect

    Upon completion of form filling, you can redirect visitors to any page. With this feature, you can redirect to free Ebooks, Webinar page, and showcase some Case Studies.

    12. Gated Content

    With this feature you can lock/gate your content behind the form and visitors can access the content upon filling the form only. So you can use this feature to capture & nurture your leads.

    Unbounce Plan & Pricing Details

    Unbounce offers pricing based on Monthly & Annual plans. and they are offering 4 different plans named: Launch, Optimized, Accelerate & Scale.

    unbounce plan

    1. Launch Plan:

    A launch plan is the best option for those who are just starting. Whether you are launching your first campaign or building landing pages for a newly formed business Launch plan offers sufficient resources and doesn’t costs much.

    You can get a Launch plan for $80/month when paid monthly and $72/month when paid annually. But with our discount link, you can grab it for $64 only.

    With the Launch plan, you use only 1-domain and the number of visitors that are accepted is limited to 20,000. And conversion is also limited to 500 only.

    2. Optimize Plan:

    Optimize Plan got functionalities like A/B Testing & conversion intelligence tools like Smart Traffic that will help you to optimize your landing pages for better conversion. You can use Optimize plan with 3 domains, visitors are limited to 30,000 and conversions up to 1,000.

    Optimize plans cost $120/month with a monthly subscription and $108/month with an annual subscription. But with a discount link, you can grab it for $96/month.

    3. Accelerate Plan:

    With Accelerate plan you will get all the features of Optimize plan but on top of that, you will get the AMP feature. Accelerate plan also got higher resources. With the Accelerate plan, you can connect 7 domains, visitors limit are 40,000, and conversion is limited to 2,000.

    The regular price of the Accelerate plan is $200/month with a monthly subscription and $180/month when paid annually. But you can get it for $160/month with a special Unbounce discount.

    4. Scale Plan:

    An organization that receives lots of traffic ought to set up a Scale plan. With the Scale plan, you’ll get more bandwidth and higher conversion limits. Under the Scale plan, users can connect up to 15 domains, and traffic is limited to 50,000 and conversions to 3,000.

    The Scale plan costs $300/month when paid monthly and $270/month when paid annually. With an Unbounce discount offer, you can get it for $240/month.

    Unbounce Integrations

    • Active Campaign
    • Agency Analytics
    • Agile CRM
    • FaceBook
    • Gmail
    • Google Sheets
    • Hotjar
    • InfusionSoft
    • MailChimp
    • Mandril
    • Pepipost
    • Slack
    • Aweber
    • Automate.io
    • Campaign Monitor
    • Fresh Mail
    • Google Ads
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Hubspot
    • KissMetrics
    • MailerLite
    • MouseFlow
    • SalesForce
    • WordPress
    • Crazy Egg
    • Constant Contact
    • Excel
    • GetResponse
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Tag Manager
    • GoToWebinar
    • Hubspot CRM
    • LiveChat
    • MailGun
    • OutGrow
    • Zoho

    FAQs Related To Unbounce Coupon

    Unbounce is billed as a monthly and annual subscription. It’s a very basic plan (Launch Plan) that costs $80/month. But with Unbounce discount link, you can get 20% off on a monthly subscription i.e $64/month.

    Unbounce offers a 14-day free trial for new customers. You can claim your free 14-day Unbounce trial here.

    The Unbounce platform accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal.

    Upgrade your account easily from the dashboard. Downgrading your account requires you to wait for the next billing cycle (Monthly & Annual).

    Students currently do not get a special Unbounce discount.

    Upon consuming 90% of your resources, Unbounce will upgrade your account to the next plan.

    Yes, Unbounce can be integrated with a Shopify store.

    Unbounce Alternatives

    1. LeadPages
    2. InstaPage

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