WebinarJam Free Trial 2021 + 30% Off on All Plans

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Would you like WebinarJam free trial? If so, let me show you the steps you need to follow to claim the WebinarJam trial.

No doubt, WebinarJam is the best Webinar software, but the truth is it is somewhat pricey.

And it doesn’t seem a prudent choice to invest that much for something before trying it out.

There is a piece of great news for you if you think the same.

WebinarJam can be tested nearly free rather than having to pay the full price upfront.

You can test WebinarJam out for 14 days without paying the full price.

WebinarJam Free Trial: 30% OFF + 14 Days Trial
WebinarJam Free Trial: 30% OFF + 14 Days Trial
On Going Offer
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  • Introduction To WebinarJam Software

    WebinarJam is a flexible webinar hosting software used by various businesses and industries for online marketing.


    WebinarJam is the perfect choice for Marketers, Creators, Developers, Salespeople, Educators, and Multimedia conferences.

    WebinarJam also offers other resources and features, such as the ability to send suggestions to the participants. It also includes a webinar of registered websites, schedules meetings, sessions, or training.

    WebinarJam also allows users to offer participants and make such offers readily acceptable and efficient.

    And WebinarJam makes it easy to register for a webinar. Those interested in attending the webinar only have to click on the user-sent link “Tap to Register.”

    After clicking the button, they are automatically registered for the webinar without wasting their time completing Registration Forms.

    Features of WebinarJam Software

    •  Simple to operate
    •  Free Landing Page Builder For Webinars
    •  Automated Recordings
    •  Feature to Create Paid Webinars
    •  Easy Integration with various Platforms e.g YouTube
    •  24/7 Customer Support
    •  Personalized Pop-ups, Countdown Timers, Bands, etc.
    •  Can send public & private messages to the participants
    •  Online Payments are Secure
    •  Live Chatting
    •  Easy Split-Testing
    •  Flexible Scheduling
    •  30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

    WebinarJam Plan & Pricing Details

    The prices are clearly shown in the below image if you click that image you redirect to the website automatically.

    Webinarjam pricing

    Webinar jam has three plans they are :

    1. Basic:

    The basic plan has unlimited webinars up to 2 presenters, up to 500 attendees with a maximum of 2 hours duration. This basic plan will cost up to $499/year.

    2. Professional:

    Professional has unlimited webinars up to 4 presenters, up to 2000 attendees with a maximum of 3 hours duration, also has always-on live room and the panic button. This professional plan will cost up to $699/year.

    3. Enterprise:

    Enterprise has unlimited webinars up to 6 presenters, up to 5000 attendees with a maximum of 4 hours duration, also has an always-on live room, the panic button, and the control center. This professional plan will cost up to $999/year.

    Details About WebinarJam Free Trial & Discount

    Previously, WebinarJam used to provide a 60-day free trial, but later they discontinued the promotion.

    Although I do not know the exact reason why they stopped this promotion, maybe a free promotion offer was causing a loss to their business.

    Unfortunately, you can’t get a WebinarJam free trial for 60 days, and other blogs offering it are just lying. 

    Now WebinarJam is offering 14 days risk-free trial of charge for $1 only. During the trial period, you will have full access to the software & can use it as you wish. 

    Through this special WebinarJam offer [Limited Time Offer], you can claim a 14-day trial of WebinarJam.

    There are more than enough days in the trial period to learn and master this excellent software quickly. I’m pretty confident that WebinarJam will be your go-to solution after the free trial ends.

    In case you decide to revoke your trial, you can do that. Besides, WebinarJam also offers a 30-day refund policy. You may request a 100% refund if your credit card was accidentally charged after you forgot to cancel your trial.

    Note: This offer is valid for new WebinarJam customers only.

    Steps To Claim WebinarJam Free Trial

    When you visit WebinarJam’s official website, you will notice they don’t promote a $1 WebinarJam trial offer to get you started.  You can only activate this promotion if you are a new customer, and you must use a special link. These are the exact steps you need to follow to claim your $1 trial.

    To start, visit WebinarJam’s website by clicking on this special link

    2. Then you will be taken to a landing page where you can claim your trial. To get started, simply click on the Start Your Trial button.

    WebinarJam free trial

    3. You will now be shown 3 different plans. Select the one that best fits your needs.

    WebinarJam trial

    4. Now fill out the billing information.

    Webinarjam free trial activation webinarjam free trial

    5. The 14-day trial period will begin after your payment has been made.

    FAQ Related To WebinarJam Free Trial

    No, there is no discount present at the moment for the Webinarjam, and you can directly buy the premium plans.

    No, WebinarJam doesn’t offer any free plan. But, if you want to try out WebinarJam before purchasing you can try out 14 days trial.

    WebinarJam each plan came up with 30 days money-back guarantee.

    Webinar Jam used to offer 60 days free trial. But for now, they have stopped it. You can still try WebinarJam for 14 days for $1 only.

    Yes, you can do that, but you need another software [Pre-recorded webinar software] known as EverWebinar from the same developers.

    WebinarJam offers three plans, and you will be charged based on the plan you select during the signup process:
    Basic Plan: Costs $499/Year
    Professional Plan: Costs $699/Year
    Enterprise Plan: Costs $999/Year

    To request a refund, you must contact their customer support and submit a support ticket.

    It is important to remember that you have 30 days to request a refund from the date of the purchase.

    The customer support team will help you resolve this issue if you need to cancel your subscription or trial. Here’s information on their billing policies.

    Live webinars are conducted using WebinarJam while automated webinars are conducted using EverWebinar.

    Yes, Webinar Jam is capable of recording live webinars.

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