KWFinder Review 2021: An Affordable Keyword Research Tool

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There is no second opinion that keyword research is one of the most important things in SEO. If you want to get a higher ranking and drive more traffic to your blog, then you should focus on finding good keywords.

The goal should be picking low competition, high search volume and trending keywords for your content.

But the problem is, these keywords are not available inside an E-commerce site that you can buy instantly.

But the good thing is, you can use a keyword research tool to get such type of keywords a few times. When it comes to the best keyword research tool, one name comes to play. That is KWFinder.

I have been using this tool for a year. This is one of the reliable and effective keyword tools to get hundreds of untapped low competitive keywords.

In this KWFinder review post, let’s analyze the various features of this SEO tool.

KWFinder Review 2021

KWFinder logo KWfinder review
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To be honest, I have been using this KWFinder after a few months of release. Those days, the tool seems very basic and lacks some modern features.

This tool was also available for free uses with some use limit. Of course, there are some paid plans. After a few years and updates, this tool has become a popular and advanced keyword research tool.

Please note that KWFinder is not an independent tool. It is a part of Mangools. Under the brand name of Mangools, you would find five tools.

You don’t need to purchase each of the tools independently. Mangools bundled them in different plans. We would discuss the plans further in this article.

Let’s discuss some of the major features of KWFinder.

Mangools Dashboard Overview (Nice & Clean)

Once you successfully purchased a plan or sign up with the free trial, you would get access to the dashboard.

Later in this article, I will show you how to get a free 10 days trial instantly.

After login to your account, you would be inside the Mangools. As we have discussed earlier, KWFinder is a part of Mangools. After landing on the dashboard, the first thing you would feel is the simplicity of the tool. The options are clearly visible and very easy to use.

KWFinder DashBoard

No matter you are an absolute beginner or experienced, you would never struggle to get an option or a feature.

The main motive of this tool is to create a user-friendly tool that can be used by any level of user.

I have been using this tool for many years. They have changed or updated many features and make this tool a modern SEO tool. But they have not skipped the simplicity of the tool.

On the left-hand top corner, you would see the Mangools logo. On the left side of the page, there is a navigation menu. The first and by default option is Dashboard. In addition, the following options are there.

  • Active Plan: In this option, you would get the currently active plan information.
  • Invoice: After purchasing a plan you would get the invoice. This also contains the renewal invoices.
  • Billing Option: In this option, you can save your billing address and card details.
  • Account setting: Through this option, you can change your email address, password. There is also an option to delete your account as well.
  • Affiliate Program: Through this option, you can join their affiliate program and earn commission through each referral sale.
  • Upgrade Now: There is an upgrade now button to upgrade your subscription.

Bellow this option, you would find the email address that you have used to signup. There is also the option to log out.

On the content area of the Dashboard, you would find the latest blog posts in the Mangools blog.

A section named app shortcuts is there. It contains all the tools options. There is another section named available resources. This shows you the number of uses left.

As we are discussing KWFinder in this post, so let’s take deep dive into it. Just click on the KWFinder option. This will open in a new tab.

The home page of KWFinder would look like this.

KWFinder interface

Mainly you can type your keyword or enter the domain name to get hundreds of keywords. There are also options to choose the region and language.

After entering a keyword or domain just click on the Find Keywords button.

After that, you would be landed on the screen like this. According to your entered keyword or domain, you would result accordingly.

For example, I have searched for one of the most competitive keywords nowadays i.e “SEO”.

I got the following results

KWFinder3 KWfinder review

KWFinder Features

1. Long List Of Keyword Suggestion

Suggested keywords

As I was looking for a few keywords for upcoming blog posts I entered the Keyword “Rank tracking Tool’ inside the search field & I got a list of suggested keywords. As I am using the trail plan, it shows me only 25 keywords. According to your plan, you would get more keyword suggestions.

With all the suggested keywords, you will get stats like trend, search, CPC, PPC and keyword difficulty.

  • Search: Average monthly search volume
  • CPC: Average Cost Per Click on Google Ads
  • PPC: Level of competition in PPC (Pay Per Click) in Google Ads
  • Keyword Difficulty: This is a metrics calculated by various factors
  • Trend: Search volume trend of the keyword

The list of keywords is categorized into 3 categories.

  • Related keywords,
  • Autocomplete
  • Questions

We checked out Autocomplete & Question sections and got a few other keywords too. You can incorporate these keywords into your blog posts or can create individual blog posts around that.

KWFinder Autocomplete KWfinder review

You can select some keyword in the list and add it to your favorite keyword.  After selecting, there is also an option to export them. You can also click on each individual keyword to get elaborated matrices.

2. Keyword Difficulty Score

KWFinder6 KWfinder review

Keyword difficulty is the most need feature of a keyword research tool. There is a very accurate keyword difficulty score shows in the dashboard for each keyword.

For the keyword “SEO” the tool shows the keyword difficulty score 75. According to the tool, the keyword is Very Hard to compete.

In KWFinder, the keyword difficulty score is calculated through the overall Link Profile Strength (LPS) of the URLs ranking on the first page of Google search.

The score goes from 1 to 100. Any score from 0 to 29 considered as easy to target keywords.

So invest some quality time to find some keyword between that ranges. This will helps you o rank faster in Google search.

3. Accurate Search Volume & Interest

On the right to keyword difficulty, there is a section for showing search volume, monthly searches and trends.

Based on your location search, it shows the average monthly search volume. This is an estimated date. No SEO tool can show the exact search volume data.

It shows a graph that tells the average monthly search volume in the past 12 months. Hover your mouse cursor and it shows the search volume.

For the search term, “Rank tracking tools” I got the result like this.

KWFinder Seach Volume data KWfinder review

There is also an option for Trends. This shows the popularity of the keyword over time. It shows the trend for the past 12 months. Hover your mouse cursor and it shows the interest rate. The score goes from 1 to 100.

For the search term, “rank tracking tools” I got the result like this.

KWFinder keyword trend feature KWfinder review

4. Complete SERP Overview

KWFinder shows detailed information about the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). In the SERP Overview section, you would get various stats about the pages ranking for the particular keyword.

KWFinder Serp overview KWfinder review

Each URL in the list comes with some other stats. It shows the following stats.

Domain Authority (DA): Domain Authority is a matrix developed by the MOZ.

Page Authority (PA): Page Authority is a matrix developed by the MOZ.

Citation Flow (CF): Citation Flow is a matrix developed by Majestic.

Trust Flow (TF): Trust Flow is a matrix developed by Majestic. It shows backlink quality.

Links: It shows the number of referring domains to the URL. It is the total number of external backlinks to the URL.

Facebook Shares: This shows the number of Facebook shares for the given URL.

Link Profile Strength: This score shows the overall link profile strength. It is developed by Mangools.

Estimated Visitors: This shows the estimated monthly visits to the URL.

In addition, there is an option named Analyse SERP.

There is a dedicated tool for SERP analysis. So after a click on that option, it would be open in a new tab. It is the Mangools’s SERP checker tool. Here you can analyze the SERP in depth. You would get many options that can be helpful for SERP analysis.

KWFinder SERP analysis feature KWfinder review

5. Spy Competitors Keywords

Getting keyword ideas and watching their search volume, competition and other metrics could be a time-consuming task. And if you are lazy like me that could be converted into a real pain for you.

In that scenario, spying on opponents’ keywords could be the best tactic.

By doing that you can get tons of keywords that could be low competitive plus beneficial for your business.

With the initial release of the KWfinder tool, the feature of spying competitor’s keywords was missing. But with the recent update, KWFinder has provided an option to scrap traffic-driving keywords of your rival websites.

To look up your competitor’s keywords, click on search by domain option and then enter the competitor’s URL and hit enter.

Spy Competitors Keyword KWfinder review

KWFinder will search out the list of top keyword for that your competitor is raking. You can apply some additional filters or sort data based on Search Volume, Position, CPC and Keyword difficulty, etc.

6. Live Chat Support

Support is a vital thing when it comes to online services. KWFinder has a live chat option directly on the dashboard.

In addition to that, you can contact the support team through email. They also have a regularly updated blog, you can get up to date information about the latest SEO changes and trends.

To test their live chat support, I also make some conversations. They are knowledgeable and provides proper answers to my various questions.

7. Dark Mode Available

KWFinder dark mode KWfinder review

It is very rare to see a dark mode option in an SEO tool. But you can get a dark mode option in the KWFinder website. If you are a frequent user and want to rest your eyes, then you can enable it.

KWFinder Pricing

To say frankly, KWFinder is the most affordable and advanced keyword research tool now. There are 3 plans available in Mangools. In this plan would have access to KWFinder with other tools of Mangools.

KWFinder p

1. Mangools Basic

With the Mangools Basic plan, you would get 100 keyword lookup (per 24 hours), 200 keyword suggestion (for every search), 25 competitor keyword for domain search, 100 SERP lookup (per 24 hours), 200 daily tracked keywords, 2,000 backlink rows, 20 site lookups (per 24 hours).

The Mangools Basic costs $29.90 per month with a yearly subscription.

2. Mangools Premium

With the Mangools Premium plan, you would get 500 keyword lookup (per 24 hours), 700 keyword suggestion (for every search), unlimited competitor keyword for domain search, 500 SERP lookup (per 24 hours), 700 daily tracked keywords, 7,000 backlink rows, 70 site lookups (per 24 hours). This plan allows for 3 simultaneous logins.

The Mangools Premium costs $39.90 per month with a yearly subscription.

3. Mangools Agency

With the Mangools Agency plan, you would get 1,200 keyword lookup (per 24 hours), 700 keyword suggestion (for every search), unlimited competitor keyword for domain search, 1,200 SERP lookup (per 24 hours), 1,500 daily tracked keywords, 15,000 backlink rows, 150 site lookups (per 24 hours). This plan allows for 10 simultaneous logins.

The Mangools Agency costs $79.90 per month with a yearly subscription.

How To Get Mangools 10 Days Free Trial Plan

I have good news for you.

Now you can get Mangools trail plan for 10 days. This is absolutely free. No credit card needed and no strings attached. Follow the steps to get a limited time offer.

  • Click on the special like that to give you the plan for free.
  • You would be landed on a page like this.
KWFinder12 KWfinder review
  • Fill all the details and click the Create My Mangools Account.
  • Then you would be asked to confirm the email address. A verification mail having a link would be sent to you from Mangools. Just click on that link and you would be verified.
  • Then you are ready to use KWFinder with other tools of Mangools.

Note: There is no difference between a paid plan and 10 days free trial. You would get the same features and paid plans with some uses limitations.

Is KWFinder Is Right For You?

This is a common question asked several times. KWFinder is an advanced keyword research tool with a wide range of features.

This fits all levels of users.

Beginner Blogger:

If you have just step your foot into the blogging world, then this tool good fits you. This is affordable and one can easily afford to have it.

Other popular tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush are very pricy and you may not afford them in the beginning.

This tool helps you to find low competitive keywords that help you to rank your posts in less time. For your new blog, you can find long-tail low competitive keywords using this tool.

Another thing new bloggers would notice is the user-friendly interface. Unlike other SEO tools, it has a very clean and attractive layout with various color combinations. The tool is beginners friendly.

Medium Level Bloggers:

If you have crossed some path and you are now on the medium stage of blogging, then this tool is also helpful for you.

You can search for new and quite competitive keywords in your niche. In addition to that, you can get many long-tail variations of that keyword that you can target in your post.

You can afford to use the Mangools Premium plan that best fits you.

In KWFinder there is an option for domain-based keyword search. This helps you to discover new keyword and topics opportunities that your competitor is working for and you are not.

You can collect those keywords and plan content for them. This helps you to get additional traffics to your blog.

High-Level Marketer:

If you are running a full-time agency or have a heavy requirement of SEO tools, then KWFinder is also helpful for you.

There is a plan named Mangools Agency plan, that best fits you. Basically, KWFinder has all the features as you would get in Pro SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. This plan also allows multiple users that are very helpful in agencies.


So these are some of the things you need to know about KWFinder. With modern user-friendly UI, a wide range of stats, good support, and affordable pricing this is a must-have tool for bloggers and marketers.

Although it is not an all-in-one SEO tool, Mangools is in the right direction as far as I’m concerned. I have been using the tool after a few months of release. They have been adding new features consistently and making it as an ultimate tool.

To test their features, you can use the trail plan and upgrade it further. I would love to hear your thoughts on this tool. Feel free to comment and share your experience with this tool.

KWFinder logo KWfinder review
Special Offer

KwFinder 10 Days Free Trial

I have good news for you.

Now you can get a Mangools trial plan for 10 days. This is absolutely free. No credit card needed and no strings attached. Click on the special like that to give you the plan for free.

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