13 Step Guide To Increase Blog Traffic For Free

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Do you want to increase blog traffic, subscribers and earnings?

Who will say No to all these?

Every blogger wants that.

But the truth is:

You can get all these things only if readers visit your blog and for that, you have made your blog visible over Search Engines, Social Media and every possible place.

So in this article, I am sharing 13 steps guide you need to follow to increase your blog traffic right now.

So let’s jump to the steps by which you can get visitors to your blog and get more exposure:

1. Submit Your Blog to Search Engines

There is no doubt that Search Engines are the main source of traffic for many blogs.

Search engines can bring Tsunami of visitors to your blog. But you will be able to get traffic from search engines only if you submit your blog to them.

There are tons of search engines available over the internet. So you should submit your blog to most of the search engines.

Why Should you Submit the Blog to Search Engines?

1. Free Traffic:

All the traffic you get from search engines with the help of SEO is 100% free and you don’t have to pay anything for that. Its the best part and nothing could be better than this.

2. Beneficial in Long Term:

If your blog was able to make a spot on the first page of Search engines you can enjoy blog traffic for a long time.

On the other hand, in case of Social Media you have to promote your content daily. If you stop promoting, your traffic starts decreasing.

3. Insane Amount of Blog Traffic:

You can get the unlimited amount of traffic from search engines. And traffic which you will get will be targeted, and it can also increase your sales if you sell or promote anything on your blog.

Why getting on First Page of Search Engines is Important?

If we take a look at stats of clicks on the first page of Google:

1st spot gets 33% of average click-through traffic.

2nd place gets 14% of average click-through traffic.

3rd place gets 10% of average click-through traffic.

And blogs which set after that takes the lesser amount of clicks.

2. Submit Your Blog to Blog Directories:

You can also increase blog traffic by submitting your blog to blog directories.

These blog directories gave exposure to your blog and also generate some backlinks which also helps you to rank higher in search engines.

But keep in mind always submit your blog on High authority blog directories.

3. Do Smart Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the backbone of Search engine optimization.

Many of you will agree with me that:

Keyword Research is 90% of your SEO. To get the fast result you need to find and worked on low competition keywords.

On starting days of my blogging career, I ignored the Keyword research completely. I started working on the random blog post with the random keywords and stuffed them in a post.

Indirectly I was challenging the authority sites and hoping to outrank them. But that’s never happened.

So try to find the keywords which are less competitive and go for long tail keywords.

Tools which you can use to do Keyword Research/Keyword Suggestion:

4. Write Quality Content:

Once you have done proper keyword research, the next step is writing quality content.

What is quality content?

For me quality content is:

  • Problem-Solving
  • Easy to understand
  • Detailed
  • Valuable
  • Shareable

So try to write the detailed content which will cover all necessary things related to the topic.

Write for your readers, not for search engines just don’t try to optimize the post for SEO.

And the best part  of writing explicit content is that:

It got higher rankings than the content which is short and poorly written.

If you write more than 1500+ words in a blog post, then there are more chances of getting higher rank in Google.

5. Don’t Think SEO is Dead:

When I heard the term SEO for the first time, I thought it must be tough.

There is no rocket science in it. You have to give some time to understand it. SEO will help you to make your blog visible on search engines.


SEO is defined as search engine optimization. As its name suggests, it is a technique which helps you to optimize your content according to search engines.

Search engines are not humans they can’t read and understand the whole content. So you have to optimize your content so search engine bots can know what you have written.

You have to make proper use of keywords, meta description, SEO title, and permalinks.

You can use Yoast SEO  and All in one SEO pack plugin to optimize your content.

6. Don’t Forget to Share your content:

If you think after publishing your post your work has been completed, then you are wrong.

When you post your content, it takes the time to get indexed by search engines. So it is sure you will not get instant traffic from search engines.

If you do not share your content:

Then how will people get known that you have published the great content?

So you should use social media to promote your content.

For sharing  your content, you can use:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

By posting your content on social media platform you can get the huge amount of traffic, and if they like your content, then they would share it with others. It will lead to getting new reader base and generating lots of backlinks to your posts.

Ultimately this will help you to rank higher and getting indexed faster on search engines.

 7. Generate high-quality Backlinks:

Backlinks are the one the major ranking factor in search engines. If you have scores of high-quality backlinks, then there are more chances of getting the higher ranking than your competitors.

Now :

what are backlinks?

Backlinks mean how many sites are pointing towards your domain.


Numbers of links coming to your page.

Assume you have a site and you have written good content on it and if someone refers your content on their site then you will get a backlink from them.

Backlinks are two types:

  1. Dofollow
  2. Nofollow

Dofollow backlinks have higher values than Nofollow backlinks.

The primary  difference between do follow, and Nofollow backlinks are that:

Dofollow backlinks get crawled by search engines bots/spiders, and Nofollow backlinks do not get crawled.

So you should generate some high-quality backlinks.

Now What is meant by high quality?

High-quality backlinks mean generating backlinks from authority sites (which have higher page and domain authority).

Tools which you can use to check your  backlinks:

Few methods which you can use to generate backlinks are:

  • Blog commenting
  • Guest posting
  • Moving man method

8. Make the Best usage of Email list:

Building email list can also help you in the long run. So start building your email list. It f you have a huge Email list, then you will get the decent amount of traffic just by sending an email. You don’t have to wait for your post to be indexed.

To create an email list, you should provide some freebies so the user can signup easily for your blog’s newsletter.

9. Made more Interaction:

More you interact, more you understand and more you understand, more you learn.

To make more interaction, you should allow comments on your blog post.

Some people think that allowing comment on blogs only brings spam and is a waste of time.

But I don’t believe:

According to me, it helps you to understand your readers. They can share their problems and ideas with you. More interactions with your users ultimately help you to improve yourself.

10. Make your blog Mobile friendly:

Nowadays everything is getting more powerful and becoming smaller. People are using Smartphone more than desktops.

If we talk about India, most of the people use smartphones, and smartphone users are increasing day by day. Now it’s time to focus on users which use mobile devices. Your blog should be mobile friendly.

Mobile friendly blogs/websites will get more preference than blogs which are not mobile friendly in mobile search results.

11. Reduce page loading time:

When you visit some site if it takes too much time to load then what will you do?

Apparently, you will leave it and never came back again.

That’s the effect of page loading time. If your site is too slow, then no one would like to stay there, and the user will bounce away like balls. Ultimately it will cause harm to your user experience, and your ranking starts sinking like the boat.

Google has also said that it will penalize those sites which have high page loading time.

How can you check your page loading time?

To check your page loading time you can use following websites:



3. Google page speed insight

GTmetrix and Pingdom check your page loading time, and on the other hand, Google page insight checks the code quality of your web page.

How can you increase the speed of your site/blog?

You can use Caching plugins:

You can also compress images by using image compressing plugins:

Some other tips which will also help:

  • Enable gzip compression
  • Use CDN

12. Use SSL certificate:

Https has some extra edge over Http.  If you use Https, then there are slightly increase in chances that you will get more exposure than those sites which does not use https.

13.  Good blog design:

Your blog design should be good. It should not look boring and dull. It should look professional. You should make proper use of colors. It also helps you make blog visible.

By good design, it doesn’t mean that you fill all blank spaces on your screen.

  • Your blog should look beautiful and clean.
  • Don’t try to use too much bold color.
  • Use proper fonts and headings.

Sum up:

If you use these methods correctly, then you will start seeing the result.

Let me make one thing:

You will not get the results overnight. It will take some time to make blog visible to search engines.

So stay calm and keep Blogging

If you like this post and found it helpful, then share it with others, and if you have any suggestion, please feel free to drop a comment and email.

I'm a WordPress Enthusiast & SEO Lover. I love to build website and rank them. I also love to share my knowledge and experience through means of blogging.

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  1. Amazing piece of analysis and fascinating post. This help both beginner and experienced webmaster combined. Thanks a lot for taking your time and putting in so much effort to write this up. Thanks for the great article like always!

  2. Your post contained lots of very useful information, thank you. I have a question if its ok yo ask a question?

    Where would you suggest how i can find guest post writters for my blog. Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated.

    I have high DA backlinks that I can trade for guest posts. Its a curated white hat seo list of high DA sites that are easy for new bloggers to get high DA backlinks. Thank you.

  3. Great points, especially #4. Without great content that you’re passionate about, none of the rest matters. It takes that passion to live unstoppable!

  4. Lots of great tips. Getting traffic is such a challenge and there seems to be so many ways to approach it.

  5. Thank you very much for those wonderful tips. It was nice coming here. One of the strategies I adopted which has given me traffic is finding a niche on Facebook that talks about what your content talks about. It bet you, your blog will never remain the same if you do that. My blog is just two months old with 7k views coming mostly from Facebook. And google too is trying. Joining blog post is nice if you’re giving tips to bloggers otherwise they won’t read.

    Like my blog, mostly is on do it yourself. I joined so many do it yourself groups on facebook and post there. My average views a day is 250 because they need my content.
    Do have a nice day!

  6. This had been a great post. I am 4 months into my blogging journey and understand it more than I would have done 2 months ago.
    The well placed links you have added makes this a 5* post.

  7. Hi Lokender,
    Good amount of work you’ve put in there.
    I recommend that you include a freebie in your newsletter as well that will increase your conversion rate.
    And also, you cud have included some images about how to submit a site with google search console or something.
    Just giving free suggestions that’s it.
    I have one question though, what monetization techniques you’re using in this blog and for how long have you been blogging?

    • Thanks for your suggestion Tarun.
      I will try to provide an freebie and add some images related to submitting blog to a search console.
      Currently we are using 2-3 affiliate program. But we have not put much focus on more monetization. But in future will go with affiliate marketing.
      Thanks for reading this post.

  8. This is a GREAT resource. I have good Google ranking but hadn’t even considered that I have to “submit” my blog to other search engines too! Thanks!

    • Ashley thanks for reading this post. You should definitly submit your blog to other search engines. They will gave extra traffic to your blog.

  9. Hello Lokender,

    You really covered so many things in just a post..

    I really liked the way you explained each and everything 🙂

    By the way, Thanks for mentioning my blog’s SEO guide here, it really means a lot!

    Sharing it with Social Media friends and followers!


    • Hello Abdul sir,
      Thanks for commenting.
      You have written such a helpful and quality content. You have covered almost everything regarding to SEO on that post. And it deserves to be shared.
      Thanks for sharing it withwith your friends and followers.


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