12 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tools 2021 [Free & Paid]

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Anyone having a basic idea about search engine optimization knows the importance of keywords. And with the rise of Google algorithm changes, SEOs should monitor their keyword ranking.

There is no second option for a blogger or SEO professional rather than checking the Google ranking for target keywords.

But one of the most common mistake among the bloggers are, they won’t target any specific keyword or group of related keywords.

Before publishing any post, make sure that you must finish keyword research.

I have written a dedicated post on keyword research where you would get tips to find the right keywords. So feel free to check that one too.

After doing keyword research, make sure to add them to your article and make it SEO-Optimised. Once you publish after doing the previous steps, now its time to track its search engine rankings.

So you might be thinking how to execute keyword rank tracking?

First, you can do it manually. But is very difficult to track ranking for many posts.

You need to crawl 100’s of search results and pages manually and it takes a lot of time. As time goes and the number of post increase, the task would be almost impossible.

So the second and obvious option would be using a keyword rank tracking tools.

Keyword rank tracking tools provide a hustle-free way to monitor the performance of hundreds of keywords. This saves a lot of time and you can concentrate on other vital aspects of blogging like link building.

12 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tools [Free & Paid]

There are hundreds of tools that promised to show accurate positions of keywords. But I have done some research and go through a lot of tools. A lot of them are just counted in this category but don’t provide results. No need to stretch the list long by adding them.

Here is the list of some of the best and our personal recommended tools. We will discuss both free and paid tools.

Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tools [Paid]

S.NoRank TrackerPricing (Monthly)Special OfferLink
1. SEMrush$99.95/Month7 Day Free TrialActivate Offer
2.Ahrefs$99/Month7 Day Trial For $7Activate Offer
3. SERPWatch$29.90/Month10 Day Free TrialActivate Offer
4. Accuranker$99/MonthNo Active OfferGet Accuranker
5. MozRank Tracker$79/Month30 Day Free TrialActivate Offer
6.Advanced Web Ranking$99/Month30 Day Free TrialActivate Offer
7. SpyFu$33.90/MonthNo Active OfferGet SpyFu
8. UberSuggest$11.75/MonthFree Usage [Limited Access]Activate Offer
9.SEOmonitor$360/MonthNo Active OfferGet SEOmonitor

1. SEMRush: All In One SEO Tool

SEMRush is one of the best keyword rank tracking tool. As we all know, SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO toolset for SEOs, Bloggers and Marketing Professionals.

You can use SEMrush for:

  • Domain Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Site Audit

So there is no surprise that you can use SEMrush for position tracking.

To get the keyword positions,

You can enter your website/blog URL or the exact URL of a blog post. It will show you various stats among currently ranking keywords.

To test this feature I entered Backlinko.com. Here’s what I got.

keyword rank tracking tools

As you can see in the image, SEMRush returned various SEO stats with Top organic keywords and organic position distribution on Google SERP. Click on the view full report to expand the list.

Once you expand the list, you would get a detailed analysis. According to your ranking keyword based on countries, you can tab the results.

SEMrush also allows you to add specific keywords to the project and start tracking their positions.

Add keyword for tracking rank tracking tools

All you have to do is add keywords to the project and it will start monitoring keywords. You can add keywords manually, import from file, import from the campaign and google analytics.

SeMrush rank tracking tool rank tracking tools

SEMrush can track up to 500 keywords with SEMrush Pro Plan [Free Trial] and you will be notified if there are sudden changes in keyword position.

SEMrush Pricing:

SEMRush is a paid tool and the plans start from $99.95 per month and go up to $399.95 per month.

But you can get SEMrush Guru free trial for 7 days. Check this SEMRush review post where you would get step by step guide to get the free trial.

2. Ahrefs: Monitor Google Ranking

As we know Ahrefs is the most advanced all in one SEO tool in the market. This tool can be used for various SEO tasks like backlink analysis, keyword research, SEO site audit, etc.

They have a feature named Rank Tracker that helps you to monitor your keyword rankings over time. This feature lets you monitor your Google rankings on desktop and mobile devices across 170 countries.

rank tracking tool: Ahrefs

To start this process, just put a list of keywords you want to monitor, add multiple countries per keyword and also add your competitors’ URLs.

This tool also allows you to import keywords. After adding all these things, Ahrefs will start analyzing and tracking data. You can set time so that the tool will send you regular updates.

This will show you stats like:

  • Average position
  • Progress over time,
  • Percentage of clicks from organic search visitors
  • Position distribution etc.

In addition to that, it shows tons of stats to explore.

Ahrefs Pricing:

Ahrefs is a paid tool and the plans start from $99 per month. You can start with the 7-day trial with $7. Otherwise, you can go with SEMRush with 7 days free trial.

3. SERPWatcher (Mangools): Tool Dedicated For Rank Tracking Purpose

Mangools earned a good reputation in a few times in this competitive space of SEO. One of the popular keyword research tools under this is KWFinder.

I have already done KWFinder review and you should check that one too. In that article, I have demonstrated how to get a free 10 days trial instantly.

As you know Mangools is a combination of 5 tools, SERPWatcher is one of them.

This tool offers effective rank tracking and focused on the effective crawling of SERP results.

Mangools tools are known for their attractive UI. So you would find the same thing on SERPWatcher as well.

rank tracking tool SERPWatcher

Once you created an account in Mangools, visit https://app.serpwatcher.com and start the setup new tracking like.

Enter the domain name you want to track, choose a location (you can choose a country or a city), select whether you want to track the search result of desktop devices or mobile devices.

SERPwatch rank tracking setup rank tracking tools

As you can see there is an option named add from KWFinder. Using this option, you can simply import keywords from KWFinder.

Also SERPWatch provides an option to add keywords manually that you want to track.

SERPwatch manuall keywod tracking rank tracking tools

Once you have done all the steps and click start tracking, then you would get a message saying the tracking was created. This says the data would be available in 30 minutes but you would get the stats in less than 1 minute.

SERPWatcher rank tracking started rank tracking tools

Once the tool crawled every keyword, it shows a list of stats. This tool tracks keywords every 24 hours so that you would get an accurate monitoring report.

Another option I found interesting is the ability to share the report. If you are working on a client project then you can directly share the report with them.

SERPWatcher Pricing:

The Mangools Basic plan costs $29.90 per month with a yearly subscription. This includes SERPWatcher with 4 other tools.

4. AccuRanker: Best Rank Tracking Tool For SEO Professionals & Agencies

Accuranker rank tracking tools

AccuRanker is another feature-packed keyword position checker. The first thing you would notice after entering the tool is its simplicity.

This tool is promised to be user-friendly and all levels of people can use it.

As you know every tool only monitors keyword ranking on Google SERP. But the special thing about AccuRanker is, it can monitor keyword ranking in Yandex (popular search engine of Russia), Baidu (popular search engine of China) and Bing search.

You would find very few tools that provide monitoring support for other search engines to expect Google.

accuranker add keywords track on mobile rank tracking tools
Image Source: Accuranker

Once you enter a domain it shows you various stats like historic data ( that shows changes in the ranking of keywords over time), SERP features and snapshots, regular rank tracking (updated in every 24-hours), on-demand ranking updates, etc.

Track competitor ranks rank tracking tools
Image Source: Accuranker

AccuRanker is a data-centric keyword rank tracking tool that allows many 3rd party service integration such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Databox, Adobe Analytics, etc.

Accuranker Pricing:

AccuRanker is a paid tool. The plan costs $99.00 per month with a yearly subscription. You can customize your plan based on keyword tracking. This seems very pricy for a dedicated keyword position checking tool.

5. Moz Rank Tracker

Moz has a high reputation and fame in the SEO industry having a legacy of many years. There are various tools and features concentrated inside it.

Moz is also another pro-level keyword rank tracking tool. It provides almost the same features as you can get in other premium SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc.

First, create an account on Moz and purchase a plan. You may get some initial uses for free where you can test this option as well.

After login visit to ranking keyword section under keyword research option. Otherwise, you can directly visit the option here.

To test the rank tracking feature, I entered the Neilpatel.com domain. Here’s how I entered the domain with other options.

keyword rank tr6 rank tracking tools

After entering the above details press the Analyse button to start the process. It takes a few seconds and returned the following result.

keyword rank tr7 rank tracking tools

As you can see in the image, Moz returned 300,000 ranking keywords from the Neilpatel.com domain. You can measure the capability of this tool from the number.

It shows the keyword, current ranking position, URL of the post that is ranking on that spot, keyword difficulty, average monthly search volume, etc. You can click on each keyword to get additional SEO stats.

In this case, the tool is showing 6000 total number of pages I have to scroll to view all the ranking keywords. Instead of that, I can export the result and analyze them for a week. Simply click the Export CSV option and a downloadable file will be ready for you containing all the keywords.

Moz Pricing:

Moz is a paid tool where you would get all the features including rank tracking. The base plan costs $129.00 with a yearly subscription.

6. Advanced Web Ranking: Best For Desktop, Mobile & Local Rank Tracking

Advanced web ranking tool rank tracking tools

Advanced Web Ranking is also another web-based tool for keyword position tracking. Using this tool you can automate the process of monitoring keywords on various pages of SERP.

There are also flexible options to monitor and set the frequency. Set between daily or weekly as your requirement. They also provide an on-demand ranking feature where you will get a full report within one hour.

This tool also provides all the necessary data like the current keyword position, progress over time, mobile and desktop visibility, etc.

Advanced Web Ranking is a paid tool and they have 4 plans. The base plan costs $44 per month with a yearly subscription.

7. SpyFu: Track Competitors Ranking Keywords

SpyFu rank tracking tools

SpyFu is also a popular tool in the SEO industry. It is a web-based all in one SEO tool. From keyword research to PPC research, you can perform various tasks of SEO. In addition to that, the tool also has a feature to track keywords.

At the time of reviewing SpyFu, I also found some more interesting features. You can check them on the SpyFu review post.

The tracking feature allows you to track the keyword of your site as well as the competitor’s site. You can enter the domain through add projects and start tracking the regular activities.

Spyfu rank tracking rank tracking tools

If your site ranked higher for a new keyword that has not got the position before, then this tool will send an email and let you know. Similarly, if any of your pages or keyword lost ranking then it also sends you a notification.

SpyFu Pricing:

SpyFu is a paid tool. The Basic plan costs $33.90 per month with a yearly subscription.

8. Ubersuggest: Cheapest Rank Tracking Solution

Ubersuggest is a well-known SEO tool from world-famous SEO expert Neil Patel. It is an all in one SEO tool that means it contains a lot of features.

This tool was free and you can use it right away. But now they have added some plans as well with limited free uses.

ubersuggest rank tracking

In the initial days, Ubersuggest is known as a keyword research tool only. Now the tool has grown a lot and contains almost all the same features as in paid tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, etc.

Ubersuggest is also an effective tool for keyword rank tracking. Sign in with your Google account and you can get additional features like daily rank tracking, personalized SEO suggestions, etc.

Once you login to your Ubersuggest, each site you add to the dashboard will automatically track the keyword rankings. This tool can track keywords on both desktop and mobile devices.

If you want to monitor any specific keywords, then all you have to do is click Add Keywords. You can track the keyword rankings in any country, city, or region.

Once the tool crawls all the SERPs for the entered keywords, it would show you various stats. This includes keyword current position, ranking up or down, ranking over time graph, the search volume of that keyword, etc.

9. SEOmonitor: Best Agency Rank Tracking Tool

SEOmonitor rank tracking tools

SEOmonitor is another SEO tool widely used by agencies. It’s a great tool for individual keyword monitoring and also allows tracking keyword groups in a campaign format.

As SEO agencies handle multiple projects simultaneously, the tool should provide multi-user access. Fortunately, SEOmoniter is aimed at agencies and provides unlimited simultaneous access and API calls.

Once you enter the domain name, keywords, location the tool would show you various stats. It shows some important stats like keyword’s current ranking position, progress over time, the search volume of the keyword, etc.

SEOmonitor keyword tracking rank tracking tools

SEOmonitor Pricing:

SEOmonitor is a very pricy tool as compared to the other tools in this list. As it is built for agencies so the price should be high. It costs $360 per month.

Best Keyword Position Tracking Tools [Free]

S.NoRank TrackerPricing (Monthly)Link
10.Small SEO ToolsFreeVisit Site
11.Google Rank CheckerFreeVisit Site
12. Google Search ConsoleFreeVisit Site

10. Keyword Rank Checker (Small SEO Tools)

SmallSEOTools is a popular destination of many free SEO tools. You would get some additional tools like image resizer, logo maker, etc.

They also have a keyword rank checker tool. The interface will look like this.

keyword rank tr8 rank tracking tools

Enter your domain name, preferred search engine, device (desktop, tablet, and mobile) and keywords. You can enter up to 10 keywords.

Once you fill all the fields, click the Check Position button. Then you would get a report like this.

keyword rank tr9 rank tracking tools

As you can see in the image, the tool shows keyword with exact URL, keyword ranking position, average monthly search volume, CPC, competition, the total number of search results and the trend. Click on the trend and you would get popularity over time graph of that keyword.

This tool is completely free to use with ads. It also doesn’t require a login and you can use the tool directly.

11. Google Rank Checker

If you have ever searched for any free SEO tools, then you must come across SEO Review Tools. It houses many SEO features. This is one of the simplest tools that you can find.

No need to create an account in this tool or log in. You can start using it right away.

Head to the Google Rank Checker tool section using this link.

google rank checker tool

Then select search engine from the dropdown list, enter website URL and enter keywords. You can enter up to 10 keywords at a time. Once you enter all the details, click on Perform check.

It shows some basic stats like current ranking position, other URLs ranking on the first page, etc. This tool can’t perform much as the above tools. This is a basic tool and free to use.

12. Google Search Console

You may have using Google Search Console for a while. Most people know that it is only used to submit a site for crawling and indexing.

You would surprise to know that the Google Search Console can also be used as keyword rank tracking.

This is a tool by Google where you can track various keyword ranking in Google search results. It is free to use and no uses limit is there.

After adding a new site, verify it and submitting a sitemap. Then Google will start crawling your site and track results.

GSC shows the number of search impressions, clicks from the search result, and average position. They have added a lot of new features to the platform also.

Google search console rank tracking rank tracking tools

You can get the report of the pages ranking in which keywords. There are also a lot of filter options where you can analyze individual reports. One thing to consider here is the average position of keywords.

Although the tool shows the data of 2-3 days ago, you can get the idea. Select a post URL which you want to track the keywords ranking for. Then GSC shows you all the keywords getting impressions and clicks from the search results.


So these are some of the best keyword rank tracking tool for SEO professionals and bloggers. Instead of writing content, publish and repeating the same again and again, you need to focus on tracking them.

Tracking keyword positions manually would take a lot of time and effort. So you can use the above tools to get effective results. If you are any other rank tracking tool and want to recommend others then feel free to reply and let them know about the tool.

Bibhu Prasad Bal is a content writer at BloggingForge and a tech-savvy guy. In spare time you will find him watching Ancient Aliens and exploring the web. Contact - bibhu@bloggingforge.com

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