Best SERP Tracking Tools serp tracking tools

12 Best SERP Tracking Tools 2021 [Free & Paid Softwares]

Anyone having a basic idea about search engine optimization knows the importance of keywords. And with the rise of Google algorithm changes, SEOs should monitor their keyword ranking. There is no second option for a blogger or SEO professional rather than checking the Google ranking for target keywords. But one … Read More

SEMScoop Review

SEMScoop Review 2021: An Affordable Keyword Research Tool

To get a higher ranking and more organic traffic, you need to get the right keywords. Instead of picking any random keyword and start working on it, you need to find low competitive keywords. This is where the keyword research tools come into play. There are several tools available and … Read More

Youtube SEO

YouTube SEO 2021: The Definitive Guide

Videos are everywhere and YouTube is skyrocketing nowadays. Millions of videos are being uploaded and consumed on this platform. When it comes to SEO, everyone thinks about Google ranking. Do you know that YouTube is the second most visited site on the internet after Google? Most people still treat YouTube … Read More

Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate & How To Improve It? 14 Actionable Steps

Millions of people visit various websites on the web every day. No matter where they come from, they have some common habits. Based on a visitor’s search terms, the traffic medium, or the website’s niche, they can do various things. It is common for a user to visit a website … Read More

Technical SEO Guide

Technical SEO: The Complete Beginner’s Guide [2021]

Everyone is trying to create amazing content, building links, and caring for on-page SEO and off-page SEO factors. But there is another part that most people are ignoring. It’s the Technical SEO. Technical SEO is the most underestimate part of SEO. But it plays a great role nowadays and you should consider this as well. … Read More

Wordpress SEO Guide

WordPress SEO Guide 2021: 29 Best Strategies For Beginners

You may have heard a lot that WordPress is SEO Optimized. But the truth is, it’s not. WordPress is just an SEO friendly platform and only installing WordPress not gonna help to rank better. If you truly want to rank your WordPress site, you need to optimize your WordPress site … Read More