How to Backup & Restore WordPress Using Softaculous In 2021

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Have you ever got a feeling that you have killed your blog? And all your hard work has gone in vain and there is only one option left to start over again.

This is how I was feeling when I broke my blog. My blog was down for approximately 5 hours. I have tried everything that I could do but nothing was working for me. At last Softaculous backup helped me to revive my blog.
Softaculous backup

Let me tell you what happened:

When Google was warning Webmasters by saying that Google Chrome will mark HTTP as not secure. Since I was already using a free SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare. So I decided to move over HTTPS.
To do that I enabled the “Always Use HTTPS” in Cloudflare setting. Then they gave me a plugin Cloudflare Flexible SSL plugin to install.

Everything was working perfectly, but one day when I deactivated the plugin and sh*t happened. My blog was showing internal 500 error. I tried every possible solution that I know. But nothing worked for me.

The worst part is,

I was using the hosting that doesn’t provide free automatic backups. And also I don’t have created any manual backups.

After struggling for hours, I remembered I have enabled automatic backups in Softaculous. So I quickly logged in to hosting C-Panel, searched for the Softaculous backup and restored it and then my blog was live again.

Then I decided to write a post about it.

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is an auto installer that allows to install scripts with just one click. And you can find on your hosting C-Panel. Softaculous supports 200+ scripts along with WordPress.

If you want to install a script on your site you just need to click few buttons. Softaculous will do all the works like uploading files and creating tables.

In short, it makes your work and life easy. For more detail, you can check out here

Softaculous Backup: Step By Step Guide

Here is step by step guide to create complete WordPress backup and steps to restore your blog anytime.

And the best part is:

You can use the Softaculous backup to create the automatic backup.

How To Backup Your Site With Softaculous:

1. Login to your hosting C-Panel.

2. Head over to Softaculous App installer and click on it.

Softaculous Backup

3.Now click on all installation.

Softaculous Backup

4. Click on backup icon.
Softaculous Backup
5. Select what you want to backup. You can backup WordPress directory and database.
Softaculous Backup

6. Now click on Backup Installation. It will take 3-4 minutes to complete the process.

Softaculous Backup

On completion, it will show screen something like the image below. And you can access backup location by clicking on backups.

Softaculous Backup

How To Restore Softaculous Backup:

Once you have created the complete backup of your site, you can restore it anytime. Softaculous allows you to restore your site if you broke it in any case.

Here are the steps which you need to follow:

1. Login to your Hosting Cpanel and click on Softaculous app installer.
Softaculous Backup

2. Click on Backup and Restore.

Softaculous backup

3. Click on the restore option at front of the backup file. All your data will be back up within few minutes.

From here you can also download the backup to your local drive.

Softaculous Backup

Steps to Enable Automatic Backup In Softaculous:

In fresh WordPress installation:

You can enable automatic backup during the installation process. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Login to C-Panel and click on the WordPress Icon in Softaculous app installer.Softaculous Backup

2. Click on Install Now.
Softaculous Backup

3. In next step, it will ask you to select the domain, name of your blog, admin name, and password etc. At bottom, you will find Advanced Options click on it. Made changes according to your need. There are options for daily weekly and monthly backup. If you want the daily backup you can choose daily backup.
Softaculous Backup

In Backup rotation option choose how many backups you want to keep. If you set 1 backup rotation then it can store most 1 backup. Means your old backup will be replaced with fresh one.

4. Click on install. Now your WordPress is installed with fully automated backup.

In existing WordPress installation:

If you have installed WordPress earlier and wants to enable automatic backup then follow these steps:

1. Login to your hosting C-Panel and click on WordPress icon on Softaculous app installer.Softaculous Backup

2. Scroll down you will see existing WordPress installs. Now click on edit details.
Softaculous Backup

3. Now you can enable the automatic backup option from there.

Softaculous Backup
4. Finally, click on save installation details.

End Note:

If your hosting doesn’t provide free automated backup then you can use Softaculous backup feature. Its 100% free to use. You can use it with WordPress backup plugins too. There is no demerit of using the Softaculous backup feature. And by using this you will be on safer side.

But I recommend you to choose a solid hosting companies like A2 Hosting and Siteground that offer quality service and support. They also offer free backups as well.

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