7 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting 2021: Super Fast & Reliable

Cheap wordpress hosting

With a low budget, finding a suitable host is always tricky. Lots of hosts offer hosting for almost nothing. The company claims to offer the fastest WordPress hosting as well as meeting all of your requirements. However, when it comes to performance and customer support, they show their true colors. When visitors start rolling in, most of the cheap hosts crawl like snails. If that type of host makes you feel uncomfortable, you may want … Read More

A2 Hosting Review 2021: Truth Behind 20X Speed?

A2 hosting review

Does your site behaves like a zombie when there is a spike in web site traffic? Or your hosting keep spitting server errors and you are tired of troubleshooting them? If it’s your situation right now you need a switch to A2 Hosting ( 66% discount Link). But Before that, you need to read this A2 hosting review. A2 Hosting has configured its servers for better Speed, Tech Support and  Security. They promise to provide quality hosting … Read More

4 Best WordPress Hosting With Free SSL Certificates In 2021

WordPress Hosting With Free SSL

SSL certificates can cost $15-$200/domain for a year. And if you own multiple domains, that is enough to drill a hole in your pocket. But here is a piece of good news for you, You can get SSL certificate for free. Yeah! That’s true.  Hosting with free SSL certificates is the way to get SSL for free. To grab those free SSL certificates, you have to purchase hosting from them. And the best thing with those certificates … Read More